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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rectangular 3x2m parasol (PA 3x2)

Rectangular 3x2m parasol
(PA 3x2)

This is our stylish 3x2m Rectangular Parasol, with the highest quality of these materials is an alternative form in comparison to your usual garden parasol. With a simple mechanism to build could be a shady without fuss.

Perfectly suited for 6-8 seater rectangular or oval garden uses.

Illustrated is our terracotta color option. See also our parasol bases.
Discounted Our Price: € 79.50
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Steamer luxury cushion

Steamer luxury cushion

Click on the image above to enlarge and for more details
Steamer luxury cushion

Our cushion of steam luxury, available in 3 colors with contemporary wire, edge and removable headrest. These very thick cushions are full length, so there is no compromise on comfort.

Superb quality 100% polyester cushions full legth with a premium of filling graded as the UK meets all fire and safety.
Our price: £ 87.50
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Lovers of the land 'seat

Lovers of the land 'seat

The lovers' seat, is a two-seat woodland join together with the triangular table. Seats are made of soft wood kiln dried, the plan all round and pressure treated for long life. Meetings are bolted together to change the seasonal and can be easily tightened. Screw all the bolts and zinc-plated.

All sizes are approximate
Product Options
Standard size
1.0m high
Width 950mm
The length of 1.85m
£ 210
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Enclosure swing seat

Enclosure swing seat

Changes chairs made of soft wood kiln dried, the plan all round and pressure treated for long life. Seats are bolted together to change the seasonal and can be easily tightened. Screw all the bolts and zinc-plated.
Product Options
Standard size
Width 1.3m
The length of 1.2m
£ 215
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Size Large
Width 1.3m
Long 1.5M
£ 215
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Wooden chairs classical style

Wooden chairs classical style

Classic wooden chair
Beech President dyed different colors
Padded seat and rear Framework
Seat height: cm. 48
Back-frame height: cm. 106
Depth: cm. 45
Width: cm. 48
# Units per package: 2

Metal stools

Metal stools
Aluminum frame with dirt
Polypropylene chair with
Color: white, anthracite, orange, green, red
Seat h. 80 cm
Depth: cm. 41
Width: cm. 41
# Units per package: 4
Through Acciaiolo, 62 Scandicci Livorno / Florence - Tel. +39 055 7350517 Fax +39 055 7357140

table tv

Bedroom furniture, coffee tables, sofas - furniture elegant minimalist life Adex

One of the characters to respect the furniture is minimalist functionality and minimal ornamentation. For some customers, it gives the impression that look simple and minimalist furniture rigid. In fact, such an impression may be reduced if the furniture is given a minimalist emphasis projection of luxury. Adex minimalist life is to provide this minimalist yet elegant furniture for you.

The minimalist simplicity does not have to make furniture for your rooms uninteresting. Adex continues to explore this issue in order to present the products with minimalist furniture luxurious image. You can choose different interios furniture with elegant designs in our showroom.

Adex is always trying to make its customers dreams. If you have your own ideas and minimalist furniture designs, confidence Adex to make them real. We make custom furniture by order according to your taste.

Whenever we have the quality of our soul in each process of furniture manufacturing, from raw material selection to the finish which is done under quality control tight. The materials we use, for example, against-plated, teak, Mahon and Sonokeling. Thanks to its excellent quality products Adex minimalist life were trustued by many parties to provide the inside offices, homes and entertainment spaces.

Customers are of Adex. The relationship with customers does not end when we sell our products. Adex welcomes ideas, criticisms or consultation by e-mail.

We are also ready to serve customers outside the city of Yogyakarta. Adex come directly to see you in the design and price were agreed. No matter where you are, we are ready to come.

Adex also provides all-in-one package service interior design of construction to maintenance. We are doing everything to satisfy our customers and make long relationships with them.

The minimalist existing furniture as the answer to the practical and dynamic lifestyle of the modern community, in turn, requires Acceste luxury as a sign of the image and taste. Adex minimalist life includes waiting with good quality, stylish minimalist furniture at competitive prices. Trust your furniture inside Adex minimalist style minimalist life.
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Century Regency clock

Antique Furniture - Early 19th Century Regency clock by Ellicot hem and Taylor.
Early 19th Century Regency bracket clock by Ellicot and Taylor.

enlarge the image to see high-resolution

Fine quality early 19th Century Regency period bracket clock by Ellicot & Taylor, the Royal Exchange, the fire-figured mahogany & brass inlaid case surmounted by a pineapple finial has a 8-day strike repeat the movement with individuals dial & engraved backplate.




23 ins. (58 CMS).

Width / Length:

12 ins. (30 CMS).


7 ins. (18 CMS).

Stock No:



£ 9800.00

$ 17,444.00

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"Furniture Refinishing Tips"

"Furniture Refinishing Tips"

Refinishing furniture suggestions disdain,

secret work, techniques and trade secrets

Furniture from the doctor

Sample Newsletter

Furniture doctor newsletter

In this case I will talk about filling defect, and various

The technique is available.

# 1 - fill Wax sticks - Good for scratches, dings and small, or the name of dents.

For only scratches in the early shift with the stick until it is full.

Wipe down off the excess with a cloth.

To dings, dents or name, you can also try to nudge the entire disability.

Or you may be to melt into the defect with some equipment burning, simply melt

to fill only on the surface, then the goods off the excess with cabinet

scraper or sandpaper.

Note if the work is completed with the cut, protect the surface with balsam,

or paint thinner.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

# 2 - shellac stick - Or Burn-in stick - this must be disbursed to

disabilities. The surface must be protected with ointment as well, plus

the excess must be removed by burning the equipment.

This technique is mastered a little more difficult.

# 3 - Wood putty - This technique is easier to use, but difficult to complete.

You can use properly, applied to disability, under the sand, then stain

the match.

Or putty color that the first effect.

You can use regular stain, or aniline dye to add color.

# 4 - Saw dust and white glue.

Sand in the area not only to gather dust see the advantages, and

intervene in some glue, and use this as filler.

Note; - duration has been using this technique for years.

# 5 - Boil the disabled with steam.

This technique will display several times with disabilities all the way back,

but not always!

How does it do?

Some people place a wet cloth on the run, and iron handicap

more than that. Check it often for the results.

Some times you can only descend to the water and place disabled

end of the soldering gun to the disabled, always make sure

for water has been present in the area of the wound, to increase disability

to the surface. Do not let it dry out .!!!!!

# 6 - Hot Glue Gun.

YES! You read it right!

I found this technique by curiosity.

I only want to try to see whether it would work.

Last week I work in the cabinet above, who have lost the corner

I should be back building about 1 / 8 inches deep by three inches long timber lost.

Corners can be difficult to rebuild using other methods.

I glued a straight edge on both sides, and so the oil is applied hot glue

will not stick.

Next I remember is applied to the disabled and allow cool.

Then I remove the straight edge, and apply masking tape to the surrounding

completed to protect the finish area.

Then I started again hot glue, use a sharp knife, to remove

most of the excess.

Then I switch to some # 80 grit sand paper and remove the masking tape

sand and a hot glue together with the rest of the print edge

on the cabinet edge image to see some dust from the hot glue into the wound


This is automatically added color or dragged to the hot corner areas, and mixed

hot corners of the damaged area with both.

# 7 - Sometimes you can cut the damaged areas, and replace them with new

from the same type of wood. Especially from the corner of the locker or TOPS.

Then you can go back and stain it to match.

This technique takes longer to take control.

# 8 - Surface - Some times you can use a plug cutter, to drill out small

disability, and insert a plug, then plan and stain to match.

Using this technique you will choose to close the timber as possible to match

color and grain from the area of the wound.

Plus you will be using the wood surface to drill your new replacement plug.

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Set 4 + 2 chairs in the Regency Restaurant

Set 4 + 2 chairs in the Regency Restaurant foot soldiers

A set of 4 +2 Regency period mahogany Dining chairs have moulded crooked toprails with paterae carved on the ball decorated crossrails. Chair, finely moulded have all set-back in the arms of the chair in the drop-supported soldiers on foot. Approximately 1820.


34 ins (86 CMS)

Width / Length:
18 ins (46 CMS)

17 ins (43 CMS)

No other.
Armchairs Depth: 18 inches

£ 8600.00

$ 15,308.00

Stock No: