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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pool Table *New*

Pool Table Plans
This project Billiards Table for woodworking is a plan that will be the centerpiece of any game room. These plans will help guide you through the building, including the implementation of billiard cloth on the playing surface and guides. Playing surface is particle board and solid economy, but ycan be adapted to the board if desired.

Dimensions: 100-3/4 "long x 56-3/4" wide x 31-3/4 "high. What's the Plan: These plans include a detailed 12 page woodworking Pool Table Plans, 3.1 MB. PDF file. Each plan is complete with a materials list, complete parts cut list, and the list of hardware. There are 23 detailed section diagrams with easy to follow instructions and special techniques shown to our simple draft pool table.

PRICE: $ 24.99
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Characteristics of Shaker furniture.

Shaker Furniture: Simple in Style, functional form
Shaker Furniture by author Meghan Carter

* Why Shakers made furniture.
Characteristics * of Shaker furniture.

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Shaker Furniture has a simple aesthetic quality that has led many to believe Shaker furniture is a predecessor to modern. While that may or may not be true, clean lines of Shaker furniture and lack of ornamentation give a rare insight that has become quite popular. In fact, the only thing most people know about their furniture is edited. While speaking with the Interpretation and Education Manager at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Susan Hughes, I heard a story about a charming Shaker who was afraid of being remembered as a chair or table.
I guess they should not make such high quality furniture, but if they stop, they would not be a Shaker. You see, Shaker style furniture and quality has not come from a search for aesthetic beauty. This was a side effect of the Shaker religious beliefs.
"Shakers believed that their act was an act of worship," Hughes said. "They have their job the best way they knew how because she gave praise to God. And part of this goes back to one of their fundamental religious beliefs. They believe that they are living in the millennium - thousand-year reign Christ here on Earth - and so if you believe you are living in thousands-year reign of Christ on Earth, you have a thousand years to get it right. This is not the production line mentality. You are trying to pump out as many chairs as you can. You're going to do that well head that you can. "

Medieval Banks

Medieval Banks

Terafan decided that was not enough seating around the camp because people come to visit andhang out, or that circle around a bard. So I created some. The bank plans was through a pattern "Alpha" before the "beta" (or working) model.
bench.jpg alpha (5363 bytes) bench3.jpg Beta (4473 bytes)

"Alpha" model

"Beta" (or working) model

bank joinery.jpg alpha toprail (7009 bytes) There's not much difference between the two, however, the Alpha model was made with standard 1 "of wood (which, unfortunately, in reality only about 3 / 4" of thickness. The problem is that for a 36 "bank, according to the weight of the person who sits in it, cover the bank is likely to bow and double (and possibly breaking). Therefore, with Alpha model, it was necessary to put a 2x4 under the edge of the seat to provide reinforcing strength. The legs of the slide from the Alpha model of the 2x4 slots. This can be seen in the image in carpentry l left.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The seat is very easy

Cod. LC 80

The seat is very easy. Indoor or outdoor is a wide chair you can use in every room for extra decoration and use. Whether it is a terrace, bedroom or living area of this seat and sleek design is Moder choise to refresh and add a touch of design up! His collection includes benches and dining chairs. This chair is stacked and made of stainless steel AISI frame glossy finish while the body is a synthetic fiber, white or dark brown color. Width 25.4 "- depth 28 '- 26.4 height' - seat height 15.8"

Repair or expandable table of Steel completely

Cod. TP 7

Design: Franco Bizzozzero. Repair or expandable table of Steel completely covered in leather and visible stitchings MDF to the top of different ends. Also available with glass top. Various sizes, depth or length

Sarina Leather Apartment Sofa

Coja - Sarina Leather Apartment Sofa
Small-scale collection of contemporary art, is suitable for smaller spaces. All models are built in the spring of serpentine and many models are available in the sectionals.

* Sinuous spring
* Loose seat and semi-attached back cushions velcro'd.
* Leg: Stainless steel # 23, # 16 Optional
* Wood's foot: Natural, Walnut, Black, Honey, Cherry, Espresso, set the end.
* Seat height: 20
* Seat depth: 23
* ARM height: 25

The dimensions of

* Width: 78
* Depth: 37
* Height: 36
* Weight: 125 kg

The Corners

The Corners

Illustrated here is one of many options for our corner of the furniture. This is based on the model of our Steinbeck but the style is available
most of our range. One is the classic style corner unit, the other in style chairs.

Whether for a small apartment or a large space, you can almost have the desired dimensions with your choice of leather, legs and back, or propagate classical pillow. Beech frame and build quality add up to a very impressive piece of furniture.
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Theater Seating

Jaymar - 48222 Theater Seating
Imagine a world where you can have it in a way and you receive when you want it! You can select multiple items when we stock them for immediate delivery OR you can choose according to their custom for even the most unique room dimensions. Each item can be included in the selection of some of the world's best leather in the heart various colors and textures.

* This line is available in fabric, microfiber and leather. Grade 10 price shown in the skin. Please contact us to discuss options upholstering.
* Beginning of a beautiful design inspiration Jaymar collections can be made for you in many configuration sections as well as sofa, sofa, chair and ottoman settings.
* 2 year warranty on the motor and lifetime on the mechanism.
* Specify color LG8 feet. Also available, LG64 metal legs.


* Length: 83
* Height: 38
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